Not A Music Break, But There Is Some Music: John Legend-You & I

I’m not going to comment on the song itself because it is what it is. Instead I’m going to talk about the images presented in the video. They’re amazing in the sense that so many people are represented in such a plain, straight forward way. They are just there. They exist. That is what diversity and representation is supposed to be about in media.

It’s not numbers or percentages, and it’s not about absolutes in portrayals. It’s about showing people that they exist in a landscape outside of the small box we’re so often we’re told we belong by the “mainstream” depictions. Diversity is about so much more than just skin tone or sex. It’s about the experience of all people.

That’s why I get so pissed when people get douchey about the importance of presenting new or different perspectives that exist outside of the “norm” of White/Straight/Male. There’s diversity within that group as well, of course, but there are so many other stories and experiences out there that deserve to be seen, and not in a caricatured stereotype that a lot of underrepresented groups get hit with. 

Anyway. Done.


A step-by-step guide to pieing Coco Crisp in the face, by Yoenis Cespedes. 




This haunts me. I need a therapist now because of this gif.

Can. Not. Stop. Laughing.

This is why gifs were invented. 




This haunts me. I need a therapist now because of this gif.

Can. Not. Stop. Laughing.

This is why gifs were invented. 


The uncontested inventor of the Photo bomb @alexmaleev returns!!

anyone can stick their face into a photo only this genius can lean in and make it look like he was part of it. he absolutely was not… as evident from the look on Chris rock’s face.

 this will absolutely will be the variant cover of scarlet number eight :-)

Music Break: Bobby Caldwell-What You Won’t Do For Love


mrretardcool asked:

David brothers sees racism everywhere he looks. The guy is totally paranoid.




I don’t think he was even saying that Bone was racist, just that this idea of us all being birthed out as perfect “I could never be racist!” beings—is no way to have a real conversation.  I think a lot of racism or sexism or homophobia or whatever are often couched in nothing malicious, but just going along with shit that we’re used to. Sometimes how we treat people other than us isn’t something we can even see ourselves. 

Humans learn sometimes by doing fucked up stupid shit and then trying to do better afterwards. 

annnd I kind of think we’re deep in racism. Like America is gonna just build a nation on slavery and then just slide into casual fridays. 

Are you guys talking about me????

Nah but Brandon gets what I’m throwing. I read and liked Bone, I don’t remember seeing anything suspect, but who knows what the book banner was on about. I just think if you can’t recognize the fact racism is both literally and figuratively omnipresent in American culture then you’ll be the first against the wall when we finally put the sword to all you white de—

I mean…uh…Brandon gets it. America was built on racist principles and we’re all still digging our way out. You’re not special just because you never lynched anybody. I’m not special just ‘cause I never lynched anybody.

You should get at me directly next time, though, Mr Retard Cool. I’m easy to find and easier to please. I don’t even mean that in a tough guy, I’ll say mean things about you on the internet, I’ll be a dick about terms to you because I think you’re wrong, I’m gonna be as condescending as I can because you and this argument are beneath me kind of way. We could have a real conversation instead of you running to tattle on me to my friends.

stay cool,


Cool design/motion graphics animation for a brief, bigger message.

Soda Delivery Preferences Ranked:

4: Fountain/Cup

3: Plastic Bottle

2: Glass Bottle

1: Can


Just a tad bit microaggressive-much are we? 


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I wrote this a year ago after a brief exchange on Gail Simone’s message board in a thread about comic/animation writer and one of my personal heroes, Dwayne McDuffie. The threat was just a short remembrance marking the one year mark of McDuffie’s death. I’ll offer the exchange first and the…

I meant reblog this earlier this week, but life’s been what it is lately.



Being an A’s fan is hard. Comedy is harder. 

Bonus items galore

Pace yourselves, boys… It’s a long season. 

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(For real though, that catch was ridiculous. God I’ve missed baseball.)

As the kids say here on Tumblr… IT GOT BETTER! 

I mean, hey, I get it. Comedy is hard and grasping sarcasm without the aid of vocal inflection or physical cues can be difficult, but come on now.

Do you REALLY think that I’m of the opinion that going all out and JUMPING to catch a ball should be frowned upon? I’m chalking this up to a subset of A’s fans looking for ANY reason to hate on Giants fans. 

But I mean really, come on now. 

Baseball’s back